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Traditional JKA Karate

JKA Castle Hill Shotokan Karate is a traditional Karate school. JKA Karate can trace has its roots all the way back to Okinawa. Our master Gichin Funakoshi took the art to mainland Japan.

Instructors are certified by JKA HQ in Japan. Castle Hill is affiliated with JKA Australia The standards taught are of the highest level in keeping with the technical requirements set by JKA HQ.
Our goal is to maintain these standards, to grow and to help all our students achieve their personal goals and aspirations.
Karate helps develop strength, coordination and agility and can be practised at any time and in any place, for any length of time by men, women and children. Karate fosters the development of spiritual qualities: courage, courtesy, integrity, humility and self control.



Instructor Robin Nicholson

A JKA certified instructor who has been practicing martial arts since he was 17 years old. Currently holding a 3rd degree black belt. Robin believes in teaching people to the highest standards and the JKA offers nothing better.  Focusing on the balance between Kihon (basics) Kata (patterns) and Kumite (fighting). Robin demands that students understand the martial aspect of Karate back to its roots as a self defense art. As well as pushing for personal growth and improving the character of students. This follows on from a the belief of a  famous JKA master. Master Sugiura’s, his consistent focus on the basics: kihon, kumite and kata. Master Sugiura believes, kihon teaches us how to move, ensuring our technique is flawless; kumite teaches us how to concentrate, and how to best apply our technique for maximum power; kata teaches us both at once—and opens the way to the body-mind unity that is the soul of karate.

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David Yeomans

Trainee instructor and Sempai

David met Robin when learning another style that Robin was teaching at, since their first meeting David and Robin clicked. Robin took David as his special student with many one on one sessions, correcting and guiding pushing him to get his Karate correct and in line with the spirit of Budo. Joining the JKA David was the first student Robin taught to black belt. David is  committed in understanding the art and growing and perfecting his character. David is constantly challenging himself on the right and correct ways to perform Karate.


Classes are Mondays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00 hours.

Age 6 years and older welcome

Two free trail classes

2 Rowallan Ave Castle Hill 2154

0415208735 or 0412937443

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