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What You Need to Know About DLC Boot 2013 v3 0: Features, Benefits, and Tips

you made a bootable usb. I think your problem is that HP is uefi. I could be wrong but you could try loading in legacy bios mode. A quick google search revealed:

dlc boot 2013 v3 0

It is a UEFI bootstrap problem. Your computer has a UEFI partition (maybe the original OS) and a secondary MBR partition on the drive. There are a few things you can do to solve this. If you can boot from another hard drive, you can boot from that drive or you can try a Linux installation disc and use its tools to solve your problem.

I will be happy to help you with your DDC/OTG update by sending you an e-mail with any new or changed content, but please don't ask me to do it manually, it is not possible. I can send you a new version with any changes you have requested to the library, but please take care of doing that within the first month after upgrading to the DDC library version from DDC boot 2013 v1 or v2.

2. Verify that you have Acronis Recovery Tools (Registry tools, boot manager) or a similar package on your target computer and installed on the target computer. Then, when you are in the boot manager menu, select the Acronis CD/DVD or USB drive with Acronis Bootable Media and follow instructions to install Acronis Recovery Tools.

The! Releasing a Service Pack 2 packages a different boot environment than USB Stick, namely the USB installation ISO file of Windows 8.1 32-Bit

1. An ISO file, that when used as a boot media in the UEFI based computer that the service pack was applied to, will boot in UEFI mode in a fashion similar to the BIOS based computer it was applied to.

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