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How To Buy Diamond Stud Earrings TOP

Want a bright white look? A white metal (white gold or platinum) is an excellent choice for diamonds with color grades of D through J on the GIA D-to-Z Color Grading Scale. A white metal will enhance the fact that these diamonds are colorless or have only a hint of yellow.

how to buy diamond stud earrings

Because more precious metal is present in the platinum alloy, it has a heavier feel. Again, though, the amount of either gold or platinum used in most stud earrings is small enough that the feeling on the ear is usually negligible.

To get the most sparkle out of your diamonds, put the least amount of metal on the stones. Less metal equals more diamond visible to the eye. A setting with three of four prongs would be an eye-catching choice.

Mike Fried has written hundreds of articles and helped answer more than 30,000 emails from our readers. This has given him a unique perspective on what information truly helps our readers in their quest for finding the perfect diamond engagement ring or piece of jewelry.

This article contains two main parts. In Part I, I will present the results of my research I to determine which online diamond vendor offers the highest quality diamond earrings (studs) for the best value.

In Part II, I will present general guidelines to be followed when buying diamond earrings in terms of the desired qualities (specific for studs) of color, clarity, and cut and the best places to buy diamond stud earrings.

The average cost of diamond stud earrings with 0.25 total Carat is $285. The average cost of diamond stud earrings with 0.5 total Carat is $725 and the average price of diamond stud earrings with 1 total Carat is $2,495. Total carat refers to the carat weight of both earrings combined.

Depending on the carat weight, diamond qualities, and type of setting, the price of diamond stud earrings can range considerably. From a reputable online vendor like Blue Nile, you can find diamond stud earrings priced from $199 to $35,000 and beyond.

We evaluated each pair of studs, and then returned them to their respective vendor when finished. We documented every step of the process: ordering process, diamond quality, and ease of return. We also had the same photographer take the photos. Other than your typical touch ups, there was no photoshopping of the earrings to edit their appearance.

This is where Blue Nile really shines. The earrings were stunning. The diamonds were very well cut and were incredibly brilliant. The diamonds appeared white and none of the inclusions were visible at all.

Diamond stud settings tend to be classic, usually with prongs holding the diamond in place. There are slight variations depending on your diamond shape and the vendor. For instance, pear shaped stud earrings have three prongs, while these princess cut stud earrings have four prongs. The prongs help ensure the diamond is secure in the earring. Another option is to go with halo studs.

Vendors often give you the choice to buy a pre-designed set of earrings or create your own. With a pre-set, the diamonds are already selected and placed in the setting. To build your own pair, follow a step-by-step guide where you choose your diamonds and your setting. Both are great options.

The build-your-own choice allows you to review several sets of loose diamond pairs and pick the ones you like the best. No matter which route you go, ensure your diamonds are of Excellent or Ideal cut for maximum brilliance.

Opting for a pair of stud earrings that are already designed can be a great option. You might even be able to find a recycled set, which is an environmentally-friendly choice. If you decide on pre-set earrings, keep these guidelines in mind.

Studs are a traditional gift to the bride to wear on her wedding day: unlike the dress, she can continue to wear them as a continuing reminder of the happiness of the occasion. Meghan Markle wore diamond studs at her wedding and is spotted wearing them regularly ever since. Because they are a lasting purchase, our customers usually set a budget in the thousands rather than hundreds (but if you are looking for petite studs even fine quality will be less.)

How big is that? To put it in perspective, a one-half carat diamond is 5mm in diameter and a one-carat diamond is about 6.4 mm in diameter. Is bigger better in studs? Not always. Be aware that large diamond studs do protrude out from the ear quite a bit, so make sure the setting has a nice profile.

The most popular diamond shapes for stud earrings are round and princess cut. You can commission studs in any shape, of course, but remember that studs can rotate as you wear them so pick a shape that you like sideways as much as you do straight up and down.

And make sure that your diamonds are sourced responsibly by buying from a vendor who can trace the origin of the diamonds and precious metal used to craft your earrings. At RockHer we buy directly from De Beers sightholders with full Kimberly process documentation and use only recycled precious metals. Our settings are crafted in our Los Angeles workshop not mass-produced in an overseas factory.

Diamond studs are simple, yes, but the details matter. Add your own twist to the classic silhouette by choosing exactly what you want. You can echo details of your engagement ring setting when choosing a setting style and precious metal.

At RockHer we make round diamond stud-settings with three prongs to eight and everything in between. A classic three-prong martini setting lets the most light into the gem. A four prong looks a bit more substantial. A six-prong surrounds the diamond with a corona of prongs. A double-prong setting adds a sophisticated style to a simple solitaire. Which one do you prefer?

We are diamond and jewelry manufactures with offices in the USA, UK, Belgium, Israel and Australia. As major suppliers to many of the leading jewelry stores across the world, we have decided to open up our doors to allow the online community the opportunity to purchase directly from the source. By purchasing from Brillianteers you are able to cut out all of the so called "middle men" allowing us to pass the saving directly on to you. Our jewelry is exclusively designed and completely hand crafted "in house" from beginning to end.

In the last few years, we have seen diamond earrings getting their spotlight in mainstream fashion. With the trend of minimal jewelry and the stacked earrings trend (including the constellation piercing trend), diamond earrings are the perfect gift-to-self or surprise gift for someone you love. This is a guide to shop for diamond earrings that you must read before moving forward with any purchase.

Expert Tip: Be aware of the total Carat Size of Diamond Stud Earrings. Earrings come as a pair. Some shops will sell them labeled with the Carat size of one diamond. For example, a pair of round-cut diamond stud earrings will be labeled as 1.50 Carats. Its total carat size for both diamonds is 3.00 Carats. On the other hand, a princess cut 1.00 Carat from another shop may be referring to earrings with 0.50 Carat diamonds that total to 1.00 Carat when combined together.

If you are choosing a diamond stud, leverback, or english lock, or drop diamond earring style, you can choose a specific diamond cut. The most popular diamond cuts for women are round and cushion cut diamonds. For men, the princess cut is the most common choice. Before you shop for diamond earrings, you can consider what diamond cut will look

Answer: Yes, it is always a better idea to have your diamond earrings insured. These are small pieces of jewelry, and they are both easy to lose and be stolen. The insurance will guarantee that you are financially compensated if this happens.

Answer: The simpler your design is, the most affordable it is. Diamond stud earrings in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, with diamonds under 1Ct are the most affordable earrings. You can shop our full collection of diamond earrings, some as low as $500.

Another way to save money on diamond earrings is to choose an alternative for diamonds. These are your Lab-grown diamonds and Moissanite gems. These are budget-friendly alternatives to natural earth-mined diamonds. In most cases, when you shop for diamond earrings, the most affordable option is the better choice. You can have the look and the feel of a real diamond, without having to pay for the steep price of a real diamond.

This guide to shop for diamond earrings guarantees to give you a better understanding of everything you need to consider, before shopping for your diamond jewelry. The more you know, the easier it will be to shop, giving you the chance to enjoy the entire shopping experience rather than worrying too much about making any wrong decisions. Enjoy shopping for your diamond earrings, or shopping for people you love. Finding the perfect diamond is a big part of what makes diamond jewelry ever so special.

Many high-end jewelry retailers offer either pre-set earrings, where the diamonds are already placed in the settings, or allow you to choose the diamonds and setting separately (and sometimes both). There are many differences between these two processes.

Many retailers worth their salt offer the ability to pair specific diamonds with specific settings. Always remember to choose two diamonds that are the same carat weight (within 0.05 ctw of each other). Any big difference will be undeniably noticeable.

While earrings can be made from multiple types of metal, there are a few main types favored for their quality, beauty, and durability: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium. Platinum is generally the most durable of these metals, but usually comes with the largest price tag. White, yellow, and rose gold are still durable, but slightly less resistant to scratches. Palladium is also highly durable, and is a little less expensive than platinum.

For diamond earrings, the most popular colors are white gold and platinum, with yellow and rose gold not too far behind. White gold and platinum have that timeless, luxurious quality while yellow and rose gold naturally have a warmer, more regal feel to them. Ultimately the choice of metal/color is based on personal preference. 041b061a72

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