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Cute South Girl Albumzip

And they also make there very difficult choreography because there dances are on another level and I also like there voice there voice like cute , Powerful , unique and these girl group are also talented

Cute South girl albumzip

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I like there cute voice and vocals they are Princess of vocals they can dance because there all dances are really hard choreography image that they are dance queen and I like there intro they are also intro queen they are also talented girl group I will always stan gfriend

Again, to go with their concept, these girls have the cutest and most fun albums. For their latest release with Birthday, of course, their album had to be a birthday cake. You can change the cover with 5 different versions that match the members, and it also comes with a candle pick! Even the outer package box is a plastic cake cover, so you don't drop and ruin your cake. 041b061a72

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